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University Cheerleading in Australia - What is it really like?

So you want to be a cheerleader, but aren't sure what it's all about? "Is it even a real thing?" you're probably thinking, especially in Australia! Well.. as you can see by my is, and hopefully I can dispel any of the myths or your misconceptions around cheerleading. I can only base my insights on my own experience at my WA university in my level 1-3 teams, but I think other universities experience similar situations. Ultimately, I'm so glad I became a cheerleader, it has given me so many benefits since I joined in 2015.

1) We cheer for sports teams Firstly, we don't stand on the sidelines of football, basketball or any other sporting matches waving pom-poms and chanting. In Australia, university sports are more social and casual, not massive events like in America. I am so envious of that part of their culture, it looks like so much fun and really fosters a collegiate spirit and community. My experience of university sports has been a quiet …

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