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My Disney Internship – The short version

I was a seventeen-year-old fresh out of her first year of university (yes, I spent the whole first year of my course being legally a child, but that’s a whole other story). I hadn’t done too well, and I was not sure if it was all for me. Work was letting me down too, and as I approached being entitled to an adult wage my hours were dwindling and I had barely enough money to upkeep my few expenses. In the middle of the year I had been job hunting and came across the add for the Disney International Program on the classifieds site Seek. At the time I wasn’t old enough and didn’t have enough university credits behind me to apply but that summer, looking to run away from a life I wasn’t sure about, I applied. It was a pipe dream, but what was the harm? If I didn’t get in I hadn’t lost anything, if I did I was in for an adventure!

The Disney College Program (for Americans) or the International program (for the rest of us) is an internship that allows tertiary students to work and study at W…

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