Perry's Paddock

It was the first sunny Sunday Perth has had in a while on the 14th of August. Being that it is still winter many locals seized the opportunity to soak up the rays at the beach, on cafe verandas and at parks. 

I ventured out to Yellagonga Regional park, affectionately known as Perry's Paddock, to try and capture 'Life on Perth' (a pun on the phrase 'Life on Earth') for a university assignment. These were my ten favourite photos and one of them actually got published on the Western Independent

I'm going to have a little brag since this is my blog afterall! But there are twenty people in my class and only seven photos got picked to be published, and they were the first publishes of the semester for the entire journalism program. So while I can critique my photos and put myself down as I don't think they're great by any means, I will try to remind myself that I actually did well with this shoot!

 I hope you enjoy looking at these photos. They capture the theme of the assignment well but not the actual park in my opinion. I urge you to visit if you can, it has always been one of my favourite places in Perth and is full of history as it is home to some beautiful heritage buildings. I hope to visit there again to photograph some more.

This is apparently my best photo, what do you think? Check it out at The Western Independent.

Thank you to everyone who let me take photos of them on this day, you were all so lovely. And thank you to anyone who gives up their time to journalists who interrupt them! It is greatly appreciated that you help and enable us to do our assignments and jobs. Journalism is such a hated profession but it really is an essential one for democracy...even if I am just taking a silly photo of you and your dog!


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