8 Ways to Get Out of a Slump

When you’re down and low, lower than the floor, 

and you feel like you aint got a chance...

All joking aside, we all have those days; the days where you feel unmotivated, like nothing is going right, existential, or even worthless. These slumps are few and far between for some of us, others experience them more often. There is certainly a plethora of information about why this happens and how to conquer those feelings; however I wanted to give my take on it. If nothing else, this is a chance for me to reflect and I can look back on this post next time the gloom takes over.
After the novelty of the New Year has worn off, the realities of going back to your job or school after a break set in. Our optimism can dissipate when we get back to the hard work and life goes back to normal. This is when we start to break our resolutions and become uninspired.
This recently occurred to me when I hit a road block at work and became very frustrated. Many nights I would go home feeling stupid, worthless and disheartened. I was doing my best but it did not appear to be good enough and I broke down and isolated myself.
After a while I decided enough was enough and I cultivated a plan to rescue myself from these funks. I don’t doubt I will feel this way again, and I’m of course not the only person who experiences this! So here are my steps to get you back on the track to motivation and self-love.  

1-     Throw that pity party!

We live in such a busy, fast-paced world where so much is expected of us. Taking the time to acknowledge your feelings and zone out is healthy, as long as it is controlled and doesn’t happen too often! (i.e. every day...)
Grab a blanket and your favourite movie or TV show and switch off for a bit. Distracting yourself for the duration of your program will help you unwind and remove yourself from the situation. Of course indulging in some comfort food would help you feel better as well, but STAY AWAY from the junk! Don’t worry about calories, but make sure you cook or order in something yummy that is also healthy and wholesome. You don’t want to worsen your mood by making your body more tired or depressed.

Opt for some pasta, a bliss ball, fruit or tea (hot or iced). Avoid fast-food burgers and fries, chocolate, lollies, alcohol, heavy dairy products and other foods that will make you feel better in the moment, but worse afterwards. However, make sure the sorrow soiree does not last longer than what you are viewing! Move onto the next stage of your recovery as soon as it finishes.

2-     Take care of your body.

Go ahead and pamper yourself by having a spa night and show your body some love. I believe this is so underrated. Taking pride in your appearance and giving yourself some time to refresh is essential to talking life’s challenges and helping you feel better about yourself. Play some calming music, immerse yourself in water and read a good book. It will leave you feeling de-stressed and rejuvenated.

Alternatively, or in conjunction to this, exercise! Blasting some up-beat music while going for a run or participating in a fitness class will achieve the same ends. Exercise releases endorphins, and as we all know thanks to Elle Woods, endorphins make you happy! And you will be less likely to kill your husband... but I’m getting carried away. Basically however you take care of your body, it will make you feel better (duh). You cannot pour from an empty cup, so fill your vessel with self love.

3-     Clean your space.

Out with the old and in with the new... Clearing out your environment will in turn clear out your mind. It will break the monotony and lift some of your stress. You will come across old belongings and projects and discard the things that no longer serve you or make you happy. You and will feel like a new person! Try rearranging, or feng shui, your furniture to get a new perspective on your room.

4-     Reflect...

If you haven’t already during the last two steps, have a think about why you are feeling troubled. You can identify the problem, and think of ways to solve it. You can also breathe and let it go, for many issues this is the only resolution. Putting the problem into perspective instead of dwelling on it will help you move onto better things.

Make a list and acknowledge your achievements. You are a great person and this challenge does not define you! You have come so far, remind yourself of what you have done!
After this you may want to set some goals. They could be related to overcoming your current obstacle, or focused in another area which will help you leave that all behind. Continue the reigniting of your motivation by writing a to-do list so you can get on with it all! Can you tell I like lists...

5-     Share your worries.

If you are still feeling low, journal your feelings or talk to a friend so you can vent. You can write in a diary or on a blog, film a vlog, call a friend or jump on an online forum to connect with strangers that may understand (you can find special-interest chat rooms on any topic these days...just remember to be safe online). You may want to lock yourself away, but forcing yourself to get out and socialise will open you up to the love of your friends and family, and remind you how great life is! With all our commitments and obligations, having the time to just be in life and live in the moment with others should be relished, not avoided.

6-     Find inspiration!

We live in the golden age of information, with around the world communication at our fingertips all day, every day. YouTube, blogs, books and the news will remind you how crazy and wonderful the world is...if that’s still not enough to inspire you, leave! Get out of the house and wander around in nature or explore your neighbourhood.  

7-     Get a good night’s sleep...

You mum was right, you’ll feel better in the morning. You may feel emotional and downtrodden now, but getting some rest will again, put things into perspective.

8-     Seek professional help.

If you are still down in the dumps after following all these steps, talking to a councillor or psychologist is your next course of action. You are not any less of a person for admitting you need intervention in your life. The people in your life should be supportive and happy for you that you love yourself and them enough to do this. 

If you made it though this post thank you and I hope you got something out of this! Remember, everyone goes though invisible pain at some point in their life to it is important to practice patience and understanding.


  1. So good and so relatable! I know what I'm reading next time I have a low motivation day ;) Xxxx


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