Black and White Baby Shower

With this quote in mind I am showing you the photos I took last weekend (I took them all except the one I am in of course). 

In the hope of not seeming too pretentious, the above quote is what I tried to emulate by turning these photographs black and white. Unfortunately they are digital, and were not originally captured in grey-scale. But I do think they speak differently to when they are seen in all their colourful glory.

I am not an amazing photographer by an means, I'm literally another young woman with a DSLR who thinks she can be somebody (a Cannon 700D to be exact, with a Sigma 17-50mm lens). But I'm learning and I really like these photos, and I hope you do too. 

If you or your children are in any of these photographs and you would like them removed, please let me know.

xxx Eliseeey


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