My Food Journey So Far

Well it's been a while since I last blogged, a whole semester in fact! It's not like anyone really missed the blog, if I want regular readers I need to regularly post! But I did really miss it. Its so sad how life gets in the way of what you really want to do. Life is hard. And by that I mean, of course I am a very fortunate person and I have it easier than most of the people on the planet really! But we all have our challenges and to actually make the things we want happen, we have to push and try with all our hearts. And being human, that is not always possible.

Herbal tea and Blueberry Oatmeal with chia seeds and almond milk

This also relates to my food journey. The modern world makes food and health very confusing. We are bombarded with conflicting information about what is good and bad. I go through cycles where I am someone's theory of a "good" and healthy person, but due to my own inherent health problems, it doesn't seem to work the wonders it's meant to. So then I give up, eat whatever and feel even worse. And then I get inspired as I'm sick of giving up, and the cycle starts again! At the moment I'm in my inspired stage...can't you tell? I am blogging after all!

A great morning snack
Afternoon snack

I have always been a skinny girl, and I think I mostly always will be. Until I reached puberty I was extremely lanky and could eat anything I wanted, and I basically still can. No matter what I eat I keep a flat stomach, but my body has become pear shaped and less toned, but definitely still thin. Go back to my Body Image post to see what I look like, not much has changed since then.

Toast with ricotta cheese, baby spinach, egg and peri peri sauce

However I'm sick of people telling me not to worry about what I'm eating. This usually comes in the form of well meaning peers saying "No honey you're gorgeous I wish I had your body", to older relatives saying, "You are beautiful compared to us oldies, you skinny thing". Lets stay away from what I look like. Because I know I'm beautiful, but not perfect and there are things I would change about myself. But lets focus on how our health makes me feel.

Bean nachos with greek yogurt

A rainbow salad...Red onion, parmesan cheese, ceasar dressing, bacon, chicken and croutons on romaine lettuce

A summer favuorite, greek salad and an aussie bbq

After a long time of not watching what I eat, I may look the same and "skinny", but I feel terrible! I have definitely put on weight and that makes me feel bad on the inside, not necessarily make me look bad or lower my self esteem. My body type will always be lanky, I will never truly have curves. I will be pear shaped and unhappy with myself. I long for the athletic body I know is my truly healthy self, and your opinion on my body habits is not appreciated or relevant to me! Unless you are my parents, boyfriend or close friend. Just offer me the food you want to, accept my answer whether it is yes or no, and go about your life. And in turn, I will try keep my idiosyncrasies about food to myself and just try be the best me I can be. And that means sometimes indulging, but for the most part making delicious meals that will fuel my body.

Now what is the perfect diet? Who knows. I lean towards a plant based diet these days, but it is hard for me to stick to it due to my living situation and I'm not yet sure what I believe is ethically right to eat. It is a journey after all. Maybe one day we will all be vegan and look back on meat-eating like we do slavery now. I'm planning to write more and maybe make some videos on diet and exercise because it is a huge component of my life. Please leave any thoughts you have as comments on this post, I would love to connect with anyone who is read this and have a discussion.

Don't forget to indulge every now and then

xx Elise


  1. I totally feel you in this post girl! Food has always been my guilty pleasure and it's so hard for my to stay healthy. Loving your blog so far:) xx, Hayley


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